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CSS Wales - Complete Spa Services

Our sister company, CSS Wales, offers a wide variety of Spa / Hot Tub services:

Visit the CSS Wales website for more information.

Hot Tubs UK

Visit our accessories website, Hot Tubs UK for:

Hot Tubs UK

Hot Tub Covers

We stock a good, ever growing selection of hot tub covers, made to fit a large selection of common hot tubs.

Our STOCK covers are delivered to you within 48 hours of your order being placed.

We also offer UK built Custom made covers. Delivery is 3-5 weeks depending on season trends. We will notify your delivery date as soon as we have it usually one to two weeks prior to delivery.

Delivery Costs:

For Mainland England and Wales, the delivery cost is applied during the ordering process.

For All other Countries, due to the size of the covers, we are unable to deliver at a competitive rate. Therefore, we request that you arrange collection from our warehouse and delivery through your own carriers.

We offer very good quality spa replacement covers to suit any model of Spa and Hot Tub. There are many companies offering cheap hot tub covers but unfortunately they are not all of the same quality. Your replacement spa cover is essential for heat retention so it is important that the Spa cover is built in the correct way and from the correct materials.

All our Hot Tub covers are made from a waterproof grain effect vinyl fabric, and have a heavy density insulation infill board, a return skirt to overhang the Hot Tub, a heavy duty reinforced zip fastening, reinforced handles, a steel channel reinforcing section, and child safety locks.

If you are two minds whether to go ahead and invest your money in a new Spa Cover and think that your one will be OK for a few more months yet; we would encourage you to check the amount of energy your Hot Tub is using to keep warm. Often a sagging, heavy, ripped, split or damaged Spa Lid can use up considerably more energy than that of a new well fitted cover. In the USA they have recently bought in new guide lines. California is the first State passing guide lines to manufacturers that Hot Tubs must run in an energy efficient manner. This will filter out in to the rest of the USA in time and no doubt will eventually be passed in this country too. This is to help slow down the effects of global warming. You can act for yourself today and help to reduce your own energy usage.